Category: Nature

This is where I share updates on my writing and conservation work, thoughts on topical conservation issues, and news about nature and the artists who are inspired by it.  Sometimes I blog about other stuff, too.

New talks added

My talks page has been updated with details of events scheduled for this autumn and winter, and into spring next year.

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Sounds wonderful

From an insect whose courtship song suffuses the heathland soundscape, to a bird which has inspired more classical and romantic writing than any other, June looks like being a song-filled month.

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Dream of the Field Cricket

For an insect that spends almost all of its time underground, the field cricket has an elusive charisma, on account of its evocative 'song'. A unique event will celebrate this miniature sound-maker.

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Zi-Zi Taah Taah Taah

“Over there behind those trees is the most extensive area of scrap metal yards in Europe” said Steve Ely, poet

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