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Writer and Conservationist

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Framing Nature: otter

The otter is a symbol of hope for conservationists. Once lost from much of Britain, it has bounced back.

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About Laurence

Laurence Rose is a writer, conservationist and composer. He has worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds since 1983, and since 2017 has helped run a £7 million species recovery project, Back from the Brink. His recent book The Long Spring was published by Bloomsbury in March 2018.

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The Long Spring

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Rose is excellent on the science that underpins our understanding of migration, but if he is an environmentalist by profession he is a musician by vocation. His ear for the sounds of birds is exceptional, while his ability to render their spring songs in precise language is among the foremost pleasures of the book.

Mark Cocker

Author and conservationist

No book has made me want to sprout wings and fly quite like Laurence Rose’s modern classic as it chronicles nature’s progress from winter slumber to verdant awakening in language so beautiful it sings.

Stuart Winter


As a detailed primer to the world above our heads, The Long Spring makes for an inspiring, eye-opening read.

Oliver Balch


Current projects

I am currently writing and researching a new book, planning a research visit to India and working on various collaborations with other artists who are inspired by nature.

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Framing Nature: otter

The otter is a symbol of hope for conservationists. Once lost from much of Britain, it has bounced back.

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Framing Nature: fox

My forthcoming new book will include portrait essays of nine species. Together they tell the story of our relationship with the rest of nature.

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Lockdown dawn chorus

This morning (4 May) I went out into a drizzly dawn to listen to the defining sounds of the spring dawn - and to read my latest work in progress to the birds.

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My next book

I am pleased to confirm details of my forthcoming book, to be launched in the autumn

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Letters from Gilbert: 3

On this day in 1771 Gilbert White, whose 300th anniversary we celebrate this year, was thinking about migration. Exactly 245 years later I visited his home on my own spring journey.

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Letters from Gilbert: 2

Gilbert White was the first modern nature writer, and his studies of less well-known species like the field cricket leave a lasting legacy.

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