Recent and upcoming projects

After two years of Covid-enforced cancellations, it is good to be able to plan ahead for longer-term projects again. In this section I sketch out some work-in-progress, and when there is more detail to add, I will provide updates in my blog.

Plans for 2022 and beyond include new writings that record brief moments in the field and expand out from there, a new collaboration with old friends, and a post-retirement ‘job’ with the RSPB.

white-tailed eagle conservation success
from 2022

Bringing Them Back

A great source of hope in the sometimes doom-laden world of nature conservation is the spectacular success of some of...


In collaboration

On 3 June 2022 I met with two friends and occasional collaborators, Peter Sheppard Skærved and Edward Cowie, on the...


Notes from the Field

My three recent books all started with an overarching idea, followed by months of detailed observation, research and writing. Since...