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This is where I share updates on my writing and conservation work, thoughts on topical conservation issues, and news about nature and the artists who are inspired by it.  Sometimes I blog about other stuff, too.

North Cornwall Book Festival talk podcast

Last month’s North Cornwall Book Festival was memorable, and the talks are available as podcasts for those who missed it.  Click below for my talk, and relive the whole festival here.

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North Cornwall Book Festival

A year ago, I was at the North Cornwall Book Festival from where a BBC Countryfile programme was being filmed.  The poet Chrissie Gittins was running a workshop for local schoolchildren, exploring the world of words and the words of nature, and I was being interviewed too. I had been campaigning against the decision by...

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The People’s Walk for Wildlife

We’ve known it for ages, but every three-year State of Nature report reminds us how impoverished our wildlife has become, and each new report paints a worsening picture.  Between 1970 and 2013 56% of UK species declined, and 15% are now threatened with extinction.   The UK is officially among the most nature-depleted countries in the world.  It...

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Zi-Zi Taah Taah Taah

“Over there behind those trees is the most extensive area of scrap metal yards in Europe” said Steve Ely, poet

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Doñana two, 20 and 30 years on

Two years ago in February, my first landfall in continental Europe was Doñana, Spain.

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The Grey Mountains where eagles meet their doom

Another outrage in the Monadhliaths ​“They are ice-white in the morning sun; under the snow, even now, the budding heather is weaving for them a purple summer livery.  But their name means ‘grey mountains’ in Gaelic, and behind their staunch ramparts lie murky lands, where adventuring eagles meet their doom.”  The Long Spring p. 161 It was...

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