Category: Conservation

A brief return to India

In my new role as an in-house writer for the RSPB's Species Recovery Unit, I returned to India to research the catastrophic crash in vultures, meeting two key figures in the story.

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Vulture Awareness Day

September 3rd is Vulture Awareness Day, and raising awareness of the plight of these critically endangered birds has never been...

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The Lark Descending

On 29 May, BBC Radio 3’s Sunday evening celebration of all things sonic Between the Ears presents a programme titled The Lark Descending. Presented by Lucy Hodson, it takes the much-loved song of the skylark, and Vaughan Williams’s much-loved orchestral paean to the bird, and places them in their 21st century context. The programme airs a newly commissioned piece by Hinako Omori and includes a contribution from me.

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