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Aarey Forest – victory for art, music and rhythm?

This week, an obscure institution known as the Aarey Dairy Development Corporation handed over 812 acres of forested land wedged between inner-city Mumbai and the hills of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) to the state forest department. If it was not the end of the battle to save Mumbai’s ‘green lung’, it may at least be the beginning of the end.

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Release the leopard!

Leopard Moon Rising, the latest book by Laurence Rose, will be released on 1 June as a paperback, on Kindle and other digital formats.

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Lockdown Spring

In the latest in my long-read essay series, a look back to the lockdown spring of 2020, and forward to a season of renewed hope: the unique season that is the British springtime.

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