How radical do we need to be?

March 30, 2021
Photo by:
Laurence Rose

Reflections on recent developments that point to some new thinking on nature.

Head over to Mark Avery’s website for my guest blog titled Saving Nature: how radical do we need to be? After ten years of blogging most days, sometimes more than once a day, Mark is downsizing his output. From April 22 he will blog at weekends, leaving weekdays for his work as a Trustee of two important charities, The World Land Trust, of which he is Chair, and Wild Justice, which he co-founded with Ruth Tingay and Chris Packham.

Mark is a former colleague and with my own retirement from the RSPB (at least as a paid employee!) only a few months away, it seemed fitting to contribute a couple of thousand words as a reflection on both the state of nature and the state of nature conservation in the UK.

Mark has previously published two guest blogs from me, in 2014 and last year, and has reviewed The Long Spring and Framing Nature, saving good things about both!

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